Other Projects

1. American Bar Association (ABA) Webinar

The ABA webinar entitled, “Toxicology and Evidentiary Issues in Impaired Driving Cases” has been developed and presented by Dr. James Klaunig and Judge Linda Chezem. According to the American Bar Association website, “[t]his webinar will provide descriptions and explanations of sound scientific laboratory practices. The requirements of the case law and rules of evidence will be examined, with a specific focus on impaired driving cases. The improvement of the adjudication of cases involving toxicology evidence can be accomplished by increasing the lawyer’s and judge’s knowledge in science. The quality of the science for the evidence can only be assured if, when deciding whether evidence should be admitted or excluded, the judges have some understanding of the foundation of the science as well as the means by which the results have been obtained and validated.”

2. Forensic Toxicology

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