Part-time Research Technician Available


We are seeking an experienced part-time Research Technician (hourly) to assist in the lab’s various studies on a daily basis, to ensure that each project is completed in accordance with the appropriate protocol.  Duties include but not limited to: performing immunohistochemistry staining, DNA/RNA isolation (from tissues and cells) and quantitation and QC, real-time PCR for gene expression, ELISA analysis, western blots, recording all data and results with accuracy and responsibility, while implementing standard operating procedures, following safety guideline, and maintaining a clean and orderly environment.


A bachelor’s degree or above in biological science/biochemistry/molecular biology or related subject area and at least 1.0 years of related experience. Prior experience with cell culture and small laboratory animals (rodents) is preferred.


For more information, please contact Dr. Zemin Wang at zemwang@indiana.edu. Open until filled.