Welcome to the Klaunig Lab website! The content of this website reflects the current and previous studies, activities and personnel in the Klaunig Lab since its inception in 1980. Dr. Jim Klaunig was trained in experimental pathology by Benjamin F. Trump at the University of Maryland. The Klaunig Lab is involved in performing and publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed research in the areas of toxicology, carcinogenesis and toxicologic pathology. Our research has been devoted to understanding the mechanisms by which pharmaceuticals, other chemical agents and physical agents impact normal cellular and organ function. Our approach continues to be from the whole body to the molecular level; with the ultimate endpoint being the development of scientifically based human risk assessment. A number of students, including post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students, have been trained over the years in the scientific disciplines of toxicology and pathology in the Klaunig Lab.


Contact Information:
Klaunig Lab
Innovation Center
2719 E. 10th St.
Bloomington, INĀ 47408
Phone: (812) 856-3957
Email: jklauni@indiana.edu

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